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Health Strategy Sessions

Please feel free to book your Health Strategy Session to develop a strategic plan to improve the quality of your health and wellness outcomes.

  • Health Assessment
  • Expert Guidance
  • Goal Setting and Action Plan

And so much more!



Diabetes Prevention

Avoid the diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes with proven weight loss and lifestyle management Diabetes Prevention Program.

  • Lifestyle Modification Support
  • Education and Awareness
  • Education and Awareness

And so much more!

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The Diabetic Plate

The diagnosis of diabetes does not have to stop your life. The Diabetic Plate is filled with contains everything everything that you need to thrive and live with the diagnosis.

  • Comprehensive Diabetes Education
  • Medication Education
  • Building Your Care Team

And so much more!



As a Black woman speaking to my sisters aged 40 to 70, who are either facing the journey with Type 2 diabetes or stepping cautiously to avoid it, I'm reaching out with an invitation full of hope and unity.

We know the road isn't easy. Our bodies, our histories, and even our joys carry unique stories that impact our health in ways many can't always understand.

The Nutritionist and Nurse hears and understands your story. Your strength is recognized, and your health is prioritized.

You will learn to equip yourself with knowledge and tools for better health.

You will gain support from peers and professionals in a caring environment.

You will honor your cultural traditions and lifestyles to regain your health.

For questions or more information, please contact us at

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